Thursday, March 3, 2011

Urban Outfitters tights --> pinhole camera

So Urban Outfitters sells pinhole cameras at ridiculous prices. $60 for a plastic box? Forget that -- a pair of tights on sale for $5 will do the trick.

I love the packaging on these tights, especially the hexagonal cut-out. Just tape a piece of lightsafe material (I used black construction paper) over the opening, then cut out a small square in the center. Place a tin sham with a needle-poked hole over the opening.
Gaffers tape the edges where light is seeping through, and BAM. camera.
Way better than shelling out a day's work-study pay for one, right?

UO also sells Holga 35 mm adapters for $18. I made one yesterday for....$0. I took photos of the process with my phone (forgot to bring my camera), so I'll be posting a tutorial soon. :)

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A piece in 1.5 hours

Last Friday, Kelly gave us a 1.5-hour break during class and asked us to create an artwork in this time. On my walk back to my apartment, I thought back to her lecture at the Without You I'm Nothing exhibition. Vito Acconci's clam shell crossed my mind again, and suddenly I was thinking about different uses for his clamshell.
I brainstormed a list of alternative uses, and quickly drafted four posters to illustrate them.

Kelly then asked us to improve our 1.5-hour pieces. I re-created one of them, then created four more to expand the idea. The posters are kind of comical and kitstchy and were more about Photoshop exercises than anything else.

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I want to know all the lurid details.

A couple of shots from my recent installation. (Blogger has destroyed the image quality, ugh.)

I was surprised by how successful this was. I normally think very two-dimensionally, which is why I wanted to take Sara's class and venture into an unfamiliar territory and challenge myself with something more immersive and 3D. The installation took place in the Kresge 1st floor project space and was accompanied by an audio loop.

I wish I invited Junior Studio Practice to see this! I think I saw green for days after installing and spending so much time engulfed in red.