Thursday, March 3, 2011

Urban Outfitters tights --> pinhole camera

So Urban Outfitters sells pinhole cameras at ridiculous prices. $60 for a plastic box? Forget that -- a pair of tights on sale for $5 will do the trick.

I love the packaging on these tights, especially the hexagonal cut-out. Just tape a piece of lightsafe material (I used black construction paper) over the opening, then cut out a small square in the center. Place a tin sham with a needle-poked hole over the opening.
Gaffers tape the edges where light is seeping through, and BAM. camera.
Way better than shelling out a day's work-study pay for one, right?

UO also sells Holga 35 mm adapters for $18. I made one yesterday for....$0. I took photos of the process with my phone (forgot to bring my camera), so I'll be posting a tutorial soon. :)

More images behind the jump!

Back of the camera.Several negatives. Because the vessel is so shallow, the negatives are very small.
Contact prints. You can see the amazing wide-angle of the photographs. I am sitting at the end of the classroom in the left photo, but I look a mile away. In the right, I'm holding the camera about a foot away from me, but I appear much farther.

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